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Describe an important event that you celebrated (Ghost Festival – Ngày Vu Lan báo hiếu) – Sample Speaking Part 2

Với dạng đề Describe an important event, chúng ta cần lựa chọn 1 ngày lễ và miêu tả những đặc điểm của ngày lễ với những từ vựng phù hợp. Hãy cùng IPPEdu tham khảo bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 2 band 7.0+ dưới đây và cùng thử sức miêu tả ngày lễ Vu Lan này nhé!

Đề bài: “Describe an important event that you celebrated”

Describe an important event that you celebrated (Ghost Festival - Ngày Vu Lan báo hiếu) - Sample Speaking Part 2

Describe an important event that you celebrated (Ghost Festival – Ngày Vu Lan báo hiếu) – Sample Speaking Part 2

What should you say for “Describe an important event that you celebrated”?

  • What it was;
  • Where it happened;
  • What happened;
  • And how people felt about it.

Sample IELTS Speaking Part 2 “Describe an important event that you celebrated”

To describe an important event that I underwent, this makes my mind flashback to the time when I and my family celebrated the Ghost Festival in 2018 in Hoi An. Ghost Festival is a traditional festival in my country Vietnam held on the 15th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar. It is a day for us to pay homage to our deceased ancestors because, during this day, we believe that our deceased ancestors are coming from the lower realm to visit the living.

Normally on this day, my family just stays home and burns some incense sticks but 2018 was when I took the entrance exam with flying colors. So, my parents wanted to do something different and decided to celebrate that year’s Ghost Festival in Hoi An – a famous tourist destination for such a sacred event like this.

We went there partly for sacred purposes but mostly for relaxing.

When we first arrived in Hoi An, of course, we had to pay a visit to different temples there like Bridge Temple to make some offerings and pay tribute to our ancestors. In Phap Bao temple, we even put a small rose on our shirts, prayed, and listened to a Buddhist monk lecturing on why we should show deep reverence for our parents and forefathers, which genuinely held me spellbound. In the evening, my family decided to take a boat trip around the Hoai River and set lotus lanterns afloat with the deepest wishes for our parents.

That day in Hoi An to celebrate the Ghost Festival was truly a pursuit of inner calm as my family put things aside and actually spent time thinking for each other and expressing our filial affection.


New vocab in Sample IELTS Speaking “Describe an important event that you celebrated”

1. Flashback to (v): hồi tưởng về

if your mind or thoughts flash back to something that happened in the past, you suddenly remember it

2. Pay homage to = pay tribute to (v): bày tỏ lòng kính trọng

to honor

3. Deceased ancestor (n): người thế hệ trước đã mất

a person related to you who lived a long time ago but is dead

4. Lower realm (n): dưới suối vàng

5. Burn incense stick (v): thắp nén hương

a stick coated with incense, which burns slowly, releasing a fragrant odor

6. Offerings (n): lễ vật

something that a person gives, often during a religious ceremony

7. Monk (n): nhà sư

a member of a group of religious men who do not marry and usually live together in a monastery

8. Deep reverence (n): sự ngưỡng mộ, kính trọng từ đáy lòng

a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe

9. Hold somebody spellbound (v): làm ai chú ý toàn bộ

when your attention is caught by something, and you just can’t look away, almost as if you were bound by a spell

10. Set afloat (v): thả nổi

floating on the water

11. A pursuit of inner calm (n): chuyến đi tìm lại sự thanh tịnh trong lòng

a journey to find the freedom from the emotions that disrupt your peace

12. Put something aside (v): gạt bỏ sang một bên

13. Filial affection (n): tình cảm con cái dành cho ba mẹ

the love of a child for a parent 


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