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Sample IELTS Speaking – Describe something you would like to do if you had a day off

“If you had a day off, what would you do?” (Nếu có ngày nghỉ, bạn sẽ làm gì?) Dành thời gian cho gia đình, bản thân tại nhà hay “quẩy” thâu đêm cùng đám bạn thân “keo lỳ”? Nếu còn đang phân vân chưa biết giải quyết sao với chủ đề hôm nay, đừng lo lắng. Hãy theo chân IPPEdu cùng học hỏi và trau dồi văn phong nói về chủ đề “Describe something you would like to do if you had a day off?” trong IELTS Speaking nhé.

Describe something you would like to do if you had a day off - Sample IELTS Speaking

Sample IELTS Speaking – Describe something you would like to do if you had a day off

I. What would you say about “Describe something you would like to do if you had a day off”?

Describe something you would like to do if you had a day off. You should say:

  • what will you do?
  • where will you do it?
  • what will you need to do it?
  • and explain why you will need a day off to do it.


II. Sample IELTS Speaking: “Describe something you would like to do if you had a day off”

Sample 1

Everyone wants to be busy with their busy schedules, so they don’t have time to take a day off to relax. His or her residence. Therefore, when I have had a day off, I want to spend it at home taking care of housework and spending time with my family. I’ll start by attempting to maintain my kitchen garden and planting seeds of the appropriate seasonal veggies. I am unable to devote time to my kitchen garden due to my hectic schedule. Additionally, I enjoy gardening. After that, I would accompany my father to the agricultural fields where he had planted wheat crops and assist him in the fieldwork. After that, I’ll visit my mom at her home and do some housework before returning to spend time with her. In order to unwind, I’ll also sleep for two hours. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish for my family and myself on this free day.


Sample 2

I now need more time to complete my study, so if I had a day off, I’ll use it to do it. I’ll visit the library and consult several pieces of literature that can be of use. I’ll also visit the school to meet with my adviser so we can talk in person. It will be pleasant talking to her to clear up any uncertainty I had regarding the comment she made on the proposal I wrote the last time, and it will be a positive element for the research’s success. The other thing I’ll do in regard to this is to provide the four data collectors I’m expected to train an orientation. I will stress to them how to complete the questionnaire, how they should behave during the interview, and how important it is to take the COVID-19 precaution. After teaching them, I will gather data from a few samples to determine whether they comprehend what was stated, and if there are any problems, I will address them. You have no clue how relieved I would feel if I had a day off and could engage in these things.


III. Questions sample IELTS Speaking: “If you had a day off…”

Q1: If someone had a day off, which do they prefer to do with this time: social work or personal work?

⇒ I believe that what a person chooses to accomplish is up to them, but in my opinion, I shall carry out my own task. Some persons who work mostly from home are able to engage in social work since they have plenty of free time.

⇒ In my experience, the majority of individuals spend their free time participating in social activities. This is so that most individuals, who work throughout the week, are unable to attend social activities that take place on days when they are at work. As a result, anytime people are not working, they engage in these sorts of social activities. However, the bulk of people these days are losing their sense of social life.


Q2: What’s the difference between how free time is used now and how it was in the past?

⇒ The way people use their spare time today and in the past varied greatly. When people lived in joint families, they worked together on domestic tasks and spent their spare time with their elders. Nowadays, people live in nuclear families and spend their free time away from home in public locations.

⇒ In the past, visiting relatives or hanging out with friends was a normal way to spend free time. When people have time off from work, they schedule visits with their loved ones. Social media has made it possible to speak with anyone right now, regardless of their location, at any time. Therefore, it is uncommon to encounter family members during leisure time; instead, people choose to watch movies, go to new vintage hotels, or go shopping.


Q3: Q: According to you, why do elderly people prefer to spend their free time with their loved ones rather than going outside?

⇒ I believe that elderly people like the company of their friends and family and want to be aware of the circumstances in which they are living. They also care about their health and don’t want to put their bodies in uncomfortable situations. They find it relaxing to have had a day off with their loved ones.

⇒ As opposed to adults, I believe that older people spend more time at home taking care of their family or being carried by loved ones since they don’t have the same level of devotion. And I believe that visiting old folks where they are residing is part of a culture. Older folks may thus often stay at home. Young people, on the other hand, are more likely to go out and look for an excuse to travel. Additionally, people like to travel and have fun than stay at home.


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