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Describe a person you met at a party who you enjoyed talking with – IELTS SPEAKING Part 2&3

IELTS Speaking vẫn luôn là phần thi khiến nhiều thí sinh cảm thấy lo lắng và bối rối bởi những câu hỏi có thể bạn chưa từng gặp mà giám khảo đưa ra. Vì vậy để có thể giúp các bạn chuẩn bị tốt phần thi này, IPPEdu sẽ cung cấp cho các bạn một số bài mẫu hướng dẫn cụ thể về cách trả lời IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 đồng thời giới thiệu một số từ vựng hữu ích của chủ đề Describe a person you met at a party who you enjoyed talking with – một chủ đề không thể thiếu nằm trong bộ Forecast IELTS Speaking 2023 Quý 3.

Describe a person you met at a party who you enjoyed talking with

1. IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample & Ideas: Describe a person you met at a party who you enjoyed talking with

TOPIC: Describe a person you met at a party who you enjoyed talking with.

You should say:

  • what party it was 
  • who this person is 
  • what you talked about 

and explain why you enjoyed talking with him/her.


[lead-in] Absolutely! I’d be delighted to describe a person I met at a party whom I enjoyed talking with.

[what] It was a lively gathering at a friend’s birthday party // festive atmosphere // filled with music, laughter, and vibrant conversations // I had the pleasure of meeting an intriguing person who instantly caught my attention.

[who] The person I met was named [name] // they exuded an aura of warmth and charisma that drew people towards them // genuine smile and a friendly demeanor => made everyone feel welcomed and at ease.

[conversation topic] During our conversation, we discussed a wide range of topics //

[examples] hobbies // travel experiences // current events // shared interests // Our conversation flowed effortlessly => seemed to click instantly // we got on like a house on fire // we engaged in lively discussions, exchanging stories, opinions, and laughter throughout the evening

[why you enjoy] their open-mindedness and curiosity => meaningful and thought-provoking conversations // They actively listened // showed genuine interest in others’ perspectives //  shared their own insights with humility and respect => create a harmonious atmosphere // make everyone feel valued and heard // [name] has a great sense of humor => a joyful and lighthearted conversation

=> Their ability to connect with people on both intellectual and emotional levels made our conversation very pleasant.

[final thoughts] Meeting someone like [name] at the party added a special touch to the event, and made me believe that meaningful connections can be formed in unexpected settings.


2. IELTS Speaking Part 2 Vocabulary Highlights: Describe a person you met at a party who you enjoyed talking with

  • delighted to do something: vui/ hài lòng khi được làm điều gì đó
  • lively gathering: buổi tụ họp náo nhiệt
  • festive atmosphere: bầu không khí lễ hội
  • vibrant conversations: cuộc trò chuyện sôi nổi
  • meet an intriguing person: gặp gỡ một người hấp dẫn
  • exude an aura of warmth and charisma: tỏa ra sự ấm áp và quyến rũ
  • friendly demeanor: thái độ thân thiện
  • seem to click instantly: dường như được kết nối ngay lập tức
  • get on like a house on fire: trở thành bạn bè thân thiết một cách nhanh chóng
  • meaningful and thought-provoking conversations: cuộc trò chuyện ý nghĩa và đáng suy ngẫm
  • intellectual and emotional levels: mức độ trí tuệ và cảm xúc
  • add a special touch: thêm vào một cái gì đó đặc biệt

Describe a person you met at a party who you enjoyed talking with

3. IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions: Communication

Các câu IELTS Speaking Part 3 trong chủ đề Communication đòi hỏi các bạn cần có kỹ năng lên ý tưởng bằng cách giới thiệu (lead-in), giải thích và đưa ra lý do (explain), và bổ sung thêm thông tin (extend) hoặc so sánh với các đối tượng khác (compare). Việc suy nghĩ và sắp xếp ideas hợp lý sẽ giúp các bạn phát triển câu trả lời hiệu quả hơn.

Part 3 – Communication

  1. In what situations would people be willing to get to know new people?
  2. Where do you think people meet new people? 
  3. Do you think it is difficult for foreigners to communicate with Vietnamese people?
  4. What types of people interact easily with each other? 
  5. What kind of people are hard to get along with?


4. IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample & Ideas: Communication


1. In what situations would people be willing to get to know new people?

[lead-in] Well, I think people are generally open to getting to know new people in various situations.

[explain] Social events or gatherings // parties or community gatherings => a great opportunity for people to break the ice // strike up conversations with strangers // Joining clubs, interest groups, or sports teams provides a common ground for individuals to connect with others who share similar passions and hobbies // Solo/group travelling => chance encounters // interactions with people from different cultures and backgrounds

=> It’s in these social, shared interest, and travel settings that people often have the willingness to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new connections.

  • break the ice: phá vỡ không khí ngượng ngùng khi gặp ai đó
  • strike up conversations: bắt chuyện
  • step out of their comfort zones: bước ra khỏi vùng an toàn

2. Where do you think people meet new people?

[lead-in] People have the chance to meet new individuals in various places and settings.

[explain] Coffee shops, bars, and restaurants => popular spots where people can strike up conversations with others // enjoying a cup of coffee or a meal // Networking events [conferences. professional gatherings] provide opportunities for people to expand their professional network // meet new contacts // expand their social circle // Online platforms and social media groups // focused on specific interests or hobbies => become popular places for people to connect and meet like-minded individuals.

=> From local hangouts to professional events and online communities, people have a multitude of options for meeting new people and forging connections.

  • expand their social circle: mở rộng mối quan hệ
  • meet like-minded individuals: gặp gỡ những người có cùng quan điểm
  • forging connections: tạo dựng các mối quan hệ

3. Do you think it is difficult for foreigners to communicate with Vietnamese people?

[lead-in] Communicating with people from different cultures can present challenges, but it depends on various factors.

[explain] Language barriers => a stumbling block for foreigners when trying to communicate with Vietnamese people // Cultural differences in communication styles, customs, and social norms => impact understanding and interaction between foreigners and Vietnamese individuals //

[solution] patience // open-mindedness // efforts to bridge cultural gaps through language learning and cultural exchange => effective communication and understanding can be achieved

=> While language and cultural differences can pose initial challenges, it’s important to approach communication with an open mind and a willingness to learn and embrace cultural diversity

  • a stumbling block: hoàn cảnh gây khó khăn
  • social norms: chuẩn mực xã hội
  • bridge cultural gaps: giảm sự khác biệt văn hóa

4. What types of people interact easily with each other?

[lead-in] Some people naturally find it easier to interact and engage with others.

[explain] Extroverted individuals who thrive in social settings // enjoy meeting new people => have an easier time initiating conversations and building connections // People with shared interests or hobbies => have common ground for conversation and connection => tend to interact easily with each other // those who possess strong communication skills, empathy, and a positive attitude => establish rapport and interact effortlessly with a wide range of people

=> Extroverts, those with common interests, and those who are naturally outgoing and friendly are more inclined to interact easily and form connections with others.

  • thrive in social settings: phát triển trong các mối quan hệ xã hội

5. What kind of people are hard to get along with?

[lead-in] While establishing rapport can be challenging with certain individuals, it depends on various factors.

[explain] People who are confrontational or hostile => often create difficulties in building positive relationships and getting along with others // those displaying negative attitudes // closed-minded // lack empathy => find it challenging to connect and establish harmonious relationships // personalities that clash or have incompatible values, interests, or communication styles => may not get along with each other.

=> People who are confrontational, negative, closed-minded, or incompatible in terms of values and communication styles are hard to be friends with.

  • confrontational or hostile: tính cách đối đầu hoặc thù địch
  • get along with: hòa hợp với
  • establish harmonious relationships: thiết lập các mối quan hệ hòa hợp
  • clash or have incompatible values: các tính cách xung đột hoặc có giá trị không tương thích


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