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10 Dạng Đề IELTS Writing Cần Biết – Dạng 8: Advantages & Disadvantages – Useful Writing Task 2 Guidance

Trong bài viết này, IPP sẽ hướng dẫn chiến thuật viết bài dạng Advantages & Disadvantages để đạt band điểm cao trong IELTS Writing.

IELTS Writing Task 2 - Advantages & Disadvantages

1. Những điều cần lưu ý khi gặp dạng bài Advantages & Disadvantages

Với dạng bài advantages & disadvantages, có 02 dạng câu hỏi chủ yếu:

  • TYPE 01: What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving children this message? => bạn chỉ cần list ra benefits & downsides, không cần so sánh hay đưa ra quan điểm cá nhân => tương đối dễ viết => body par 01 viết về benefits // body par 02 viết về downsides
  • TYPE 02: Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? => bạn đưa ra benefits & downsides và còn cần phải so sánh cái nào nhiều hơn => bạn cần trình bày trong 03 đoạn văn như sau:
ADVANTAGES > DISADVANTAGES Body par 01: Benefit 01

Body par 02: Benefit 02

Body par 03: 01 Downside

=> Introduction – Thesis Statement: I personally believe that the benefits of [AA] can drastically outweigh any downside.

=> Conclusion: In conclusion, I am convinced that the desirable impacts of [AA] in terms of [XX and YY] should be significantly weightier than the downside regarding [ZZ]. Therefore, ….

DISADVANTAGES > ADVANTAGES Body par 01: Disadvantage 01

Body par 02: Disadvantage 02

Body par 03: 01 Benefit

=> Introduction – Thesis Statement: I personally believe that the downsides of [AA] can drastically outweigh any benefit.

=> Conclusion: In conclusion, I am convinced that the detriment consequences of [AA] in terms of [XX and YY] should be significantly weightier than the benefit regarding [ZZ]. Therefore, ….

2. Writing Sample dạng Advantages & Disadvantages


TOPIC: In some cultures, children are often told that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving children this message?


In many countries, parents often tell their children that everything is achievable if they put enough effort into it. From my perspective, although this kind of encouragement can lead to positive results, the downsides cannot be overlooked.

On the one hand, the young generation can substantially benefit from this message. By being encouraged to persevere, children will find the incentive to work harder and exert themselves to overcome arising challenges. Such a strong sense of determination will be vital to their success in education and career path in adulthood. Moreover, children from disadvantaged backgrounds can also receive a confidence boost rather than finding themselves trapped by pessimism or self-consciousness. Many who have faith in themselves will be more determined to study hard despite any hardships they might face, with the belief in educational success, for example, as the key to a better life.

On the other hand, the certainty fostered through this type of encouragement can lead to hurt feelings in certain cases. Such a message might foster an illusion that all goals children set for themselves are attainable with hard work alone, regardless of talent or ability. As a result, some may put a large amount of effort into unrealistic goals only to repeatedly fail, wasting their time and resources. This can result in a range of adverse effects on their mental health, namely constant frustration and stress caused by repeated futile attempts, possibly leading to self-doubt and mental breakdown.

In conclusion, although the message that hard work always pays off is motivational and beneficial to children, it may negatively affect their self-esteem and mental health without the practice of continuous reflection and self-awareness. Therefore, it is vital for parents to tailor their advice to their children and make sure their correct understanding of this message. 


TOPIC: Many people use social media to get in touch with other people and know about news events. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


In the current technology-driven and information-laden era, social networking sites are increasingly utilized by numerous people to interact with others and keep themselves updated with news. From a personal perspective, I would contend that the drawbacks of this development are vastly eclipsed by its potential benefits.

One of the notable advantages conferred by the growing use of social media for communicative purposes lies in more straightforward interaction. Indeed, in former times, contact via letters was not only time-consuming but also risky due to transportation mishaps, which used to obstruct the interacting process between both writers and responders. With the advent of social technology, such a challenge would no longer be encountered since such online platforms as Facebook or Instagram transcend geographical boundaries, enabling people to communicate with families and acquaintances more conveniently.

Another major merit of using social networks is their ability to provide instant access to topical news events in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. With only a few clicks, users can keep abreast of both local affairs and latest world news via multiple broadcasting channels namely podcasts, streaming services and websites without the need to purchase printed newspapers. Such a feature can also eliminate the loss of time between the publication of content and its availability to Internet users, thus greatly catalyzing their acquisition of the latest news and information.

Nonetheless, increased vulnerability to cyber frauds and attacks is an upside of social media that should be taken into consideration. Due to the surging number of cyber-crimes nowadays, Internet users’ information input and confidential data can be abused by unscrupulous agencies for malicious purposes. As such, e-customers, particularly unwatchful ones, could fall prey to illicit online activities such as extortion, stalking, or even identity theft, which can take a toll on their private life and financial situation.

In conclusion, social media can serve as a powerful tool for individuals’ easy interaction and immediate access to the latest information. However, I am convinced that users should be cautious when utilizing these platforms for the sake of their own safety and security.


TOPIC: Many people regularly change their jobs in recent years. Do you think the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?


In the current money-oriented civilization, job hopping has become increasingly popular, particularly among the young. Despite the huge effort required to adapt to a new workplace, I would contend that the merits of this trend, including the acquisition of a varied skill set and career advancement, overshadow its drawbacks.

One significant advantage of this tendency lies in the enrichment of hands-on experience. Since different careers may require various knowledge reservoirs, the shift in employment could equip the youth with an expansive skill set and a myriad of practical experience, which is a competitive edge in such an intellect-driven labor market. For instance, in terms of some vital soft skills such as problem-solving or socializing skills which are hardly taught in an academic environment, young employees can absorb them in their workplace, thereby facilitating them to be well-prepared for their future professions. 

Another major upside is that job switching also provides young people with various opportunities to attain career advancement and higher salary. For some talented employees whose salaries and current job positions do not align with their passions and values, accepting and pursuing an unsuitable career is time-consuming and worthless. Instead, changing occupations could be beneficial since it enables them to remodify their true passion and accomplish the success that their expertise and capability deserve.

Nevertheless, it is irrefutable that a huge resource of time and effort must be invested to be familiar with a strange working environment when commencing another working position. Indeed, a new worker is supposed to overcome several barriers such as unfamiliar workplace, socializing, signing contracts and a different skill set entailed. This task is even more challenging for the youth who are likely to be impatient, inexperienced and maladaptable. Hence, such hindrances could render the working process stagnated, pushing employees to struggle to complete the assigned tasks.

In conclusion, I am convinced that although adaptability could be an uphill struggle for young people altering jobs, the compensation of absorbing various skill sets and achieving career advancement seem worthwhile. Therefore, the benefits of the trend can vastly eclipse its shortcomings.

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